Bosch VIP-XDHD CCTV HD Security Camera Decoder w/AC Adapter

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Available now are these Bosch VIP-XDHD HD cctv security camera decoders. These units have been powered up and they display properly, although they include the AC adapter they do not include any additional control software, that can be downloaded directly from Bosch.


The VIP XD HD decoder displays high definition and standard definition video from cameras and encoders using H.264 or MPEG‑4 encoding at up to 30 images per second over IP networks. It can decode two 1080p30 streams or two H.264 720p60 streams or four H.264 720p30 streams, all at 10 Mbps. Alternatively, it can simultaneously decode six H.264 Standard Definition streams at up to 6 Mbps from fast-moving AutoDome cameras with the highest clarity. When H.264 Standard Definition streams at up to 2.5 Mbps from medium activity scenes are connected, up to twelve streams can be displayed. The VIP XD HD decoder can drive a HD display directly, and so is ideally suited for applications with flatscreen monitor walls. Compact in size in relation to its decoding power, VIP XD HD is perfect for any display application that requires space-saving solutions. Control the viewing mode remotely and establish the video connections using Bosch’s comprehensive video management systems.

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