Casella CEL-632A Occupational Sound Level Decibel Meter Bundle Excellent Cond.

Overall excellent condition, everything shown is included.

Available now is this Casella model CEL632 occupational sound level meter bundle in excellent condition. You are receiving the meter, microphone, calibration tool, ac adapter and more. We have fully tested this system and it works great, it has seen very little use and even has the original screen protector on, please let us know if you have any other questions.

•Data Logging with detailed Time History store
•Voice Notes and Audio Recording
•Automatic On/Off Timers
•Measures Lavg, TWA, Leq, Lepd, Min, Max, etc. Simultaneously
•Range: 20 to 140 dB(A)
•Back Erase to remove unwanted noise events
•Data Markers
•Occupational Noise Measurements
•Hearing Protector Checks
•OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH, European and other occupational noise regulations

In addition to the usual measurements needed for an occupational noise assessment, the CEL632 has advanced automatic timing and detailed storage features.

The CEL632A Sound Level Meter measures all the parameters needed for a successful survey of workplace noise. The main parameters - Lavg, Leq, Peak, Lmax, Fast, Slow, etc. - are all measured simultaneously, so there is no need to choose before starting the measurement. With a single span from 20 to 140dB, there is also no need to choose the measurement range either.

Data Logging and Insight Software
The CEL632A comes complete with data logging capability with measurements stored in the meter's large internal memory.

When connected to a Windows computer using the free CasellaDrive software, the meter acts like a memory stick (shows as a removable drive) so the measurements can be loaded into a spreadsheet or moved to your hard drive for long term storage. There is no need to buy special software.

Due to the large amount of data and the potential complexity of the measurements, we would recommend the use of the Insight software. It simplifies the process of downloading the measurements and stores them in a database, managed by person, place or process criteria. To get the Insight software for the CEL632A include item ISC020 with your order.

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