Envisiontec Perfactory III Standard SXGA+ High Resolution 3d Printer $110k MSRP

Please read our description for complete details, if you have any questions please let us know.

Available now is this Envisiontec Perfactory 3 Standard SXGA+ high resolution DLP 3d printer. We received this unit from a department in reported good working condition but we do not have the material, software, or ability to test it any further then we have reported in the listing. This unit powers on and completes the self test successfully, it goes to the home position and allows us to navigate the menus. Overall it appears to be in good condition, it was transported to us with resin in it hence the staining from the spillage, and the only issues we found was a slight crack on the backside of the orange cover but nothing that affects its performance or operation and albeit unlocked we do not have the keys for the side door, we will included snapshots of all of the statistics we pulled out of the machine below, please let me know if you need any further information and we will do our best to gather that up for you. Being this is such a specialty item we will not accept returns for any reason, you are more than welcome, and encouraged, to come view this for yourself in person at our shop right outside of Orlando Florida. This will be shipped via ground freight, it is too large for eBay Global Shipping but we are happy to ship direct to your broker if you are an international customer. Due to the value of this item and the risk of fraud the only payment accepted will be via bank wire transfer, we will not accept PayPal or credit cards for payment and we also reserve the right to cancel this transaction for any reason if we suspect fraudulent bidding activity. Again, we strongly encourage you to come view this in person prior to purchasing, please let us know if you have any other questions.

Op. Time: 15225:41h
Build Jobs: 935
Lamp Starts: 24
Lamp Changes: 12
Proj. Time: 10798:08
Sys. Startups: 1278
Firmware: 4.3.3
PC-Server: 4.4.5

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