NEW PowerTronics DPS-2000 Standby Digital Power Supply DPS/60-15 FREE SHIPPING


Available now is this new Powertronics DPS-2000 standby digital power supply model DPS/60-15. These units have adjustable input and output voltage and backup batteries can be connected via the included cables. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

PowerTronics DPS2000

PowerTronics brings you power on a higher level of performance and reliability with the DPS2000. This new digital
powering system meets both the current and future needs of network operators.
These new features enhance performance and net a lower cost of ownership:
-Modular, hot-swappable design
-User-friendly interface
-LCD display and keypad
-Temperature-compensated 10A battery charging system
-Patented smart-changing system
Easy to Operate. Easy to own.
Designed around a single custom ferroresonant transformer, the DPS2000 provides seamless transfer to support
digital data, telephony and other mission-critical services. Advanced dual microprocessor technology handles the
transfer control procedures between input AC line power and battery power. It ultimately controls the inverter by
monitoring data flow to and from the user interfaces and the transponder.
Software Control-Inverter
When the AC input voltage waveform drops below a predetermined threshold, proprietary PowerTronics software
transfers power from line to battery and starts the inverter. This system avoids a frequency step and minimizes the
voltage transient on the output transformer by engaging the inverter at the appropriate level.
Software Display
The DPS2000's easy-to-read display lets you know the exact status of your unit right on its front panel. Momentary switches
allow you to review, reset and clear stored alarms, test the standby mode and view key information such as input/output/battery
voltage, output amps, battery temperature, alarm defaults and frequency in Hz.

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