QSC CSM10 10" Passive Professional Full Range Stage Monitor Wedge

Please read our description for complete details, if you have any questions please let us know.

Available now is this QSC CSM10 10" passive professional stage monitor. Overall this monitor is in nice condition showing light to normal wear and it sounds great, please let us know if you have any other questions.

The QSC Concert Stage Monitor Systems CSM-10 is a  comprised of stage monitor loud speakers, proprietary digital processing & high power amplifiers in a tightly integrated design that offers the highest output to size ratio of any premium brand stage monitor on the market to date. Combining elegant industrial design with "state of the art" driver & waveguide technology, these very low profile wedges embody all the contemporary desired attributes asked for by today's most demanding monitor engineers. This level of performance is only possible by the specific application of very sophisticated and carefully tailored QSC digital signal processing, combined with exact high power amplification. We believe that the results speak for themselves. 

QSC CSM-10 monitors utilize a unique recessed connector pocket mounted on the bottom side of the enclosure, that with the use of its four corner rubber feet, enable the user to dress the cables in any direction needed (360°), while fully protecting the cable end connectors from damage or sight issues.

The Processing Horsepower
The processing algorithms developed for CSM go way beyond simple crossovers and equalization. Processing has been designed to allow the monitors to play at extremely high levels while eliminating the artifacts that could cause a system to exhibit harshness, breakup or lack of clarity. You will be astonished at how well a vocal can sit on top of an instrument mix, even when the system is pushed to its limits.

Selectable Coverage Pattern
CSM monitors utilize a selectable pattern control "shutter" system that enables the user to limit the amount of sonic energy spilling over into the audience, while increasing its upstage coverage angle. By opening the shutter, the vertical coverage is converted to an asymmetrical pattern of +45° and -75° off axis, while maintaining a nominal 50° pattern in the horizontal.

Hidden and Protected Connectors
One of the problematic conditions that have long plagued most stage monitor designs is the location of the input and output speaker connections. If they are located on the sides, they can often be in the way when placing multiple monitors side by side. If they get mounted on the down-stage side (facing the audience), they tend to become unsightly and cluttered in view from the audience. If they are placed on the up-stage side (facing the musician), they tend to wind up under the performers feet and often get damaged or broken during performances. 

QSC CSM-10 Features
•2-way low-profile stage monitors.
•High output and high power handling capacity.
•3" voice coil woofer.
•3" diaphragm, 1.4" exit neodymium compression driver.
•Intrinsic Correction™ digital tunings via QSControl.net™.
•Active or passive operation (bi-amp or mono full-range).
•Selectable coverage pattern: 150° H by 50° V in multi-purpose mode or 50° H by +45°, -75° V in wedge mode.
•Integral angle adjustment hardware.
•Multi-purpose capability via optional yoke/pole mount hardware.
•Protected and hidden connector panel on bottom of wedge.
•Heavy-duty grille, that can withstand up to 250 lb of weight.

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