Sennheiser ASA 3000 2 x 1:8 Active Antenna Splitter Model ASA3000 FREE SHIPPING

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Available now are these hard to find Sennheiser ASA 3000 active antenna splitters. With the ASA 3000 2 x 1:8 Active Antenna Splitter from Sennheiser, up to 8 receivers (EM 3031) or twin receivers (EM 3032, EM 3532) can be operated with only 1 pair of diversity antennas. Each diversity section is fitted with a wideband input module, which can be exchanged for a selective input module. Because of the built-in antenna boosters, the signals are routed without loss to the connected receivers. The active antenna splitter allows you to make receiver systems with up to 16 channels. The splitter is suited for use in multi-channel RF installations (fixed or mobile) or in permanent installations in small conference centers and venues. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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